Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Its interesting to think about the friends that come and go. The friends that I have had my entire life, and the ones that lasted only for a short while. The ones that got me in more trouble than I'd ever hope to be in and the ones that were so boring that I dropped them like a hot potato. Most of those friends came and went when I was younger. Now I'm older, and not as fond of people as I thought I was. My expectations have are very high now, and I always end up being disappointed with so-called friends so I have stopped trying as hard to make them. I believe my expectations are TOO high. The weird thing is, I'm okay with that. I'm totally fine with my husband being my very best friend followed by my brother. My closest circle of friends consists of my parents, my siblings, my cousins and my dads parents.  Perhaps this is just a season, and I'll slowly allow people back into what I call, "my bubble." For now however, there is no more room. I feel like wearing a sign that says "No Vacancy." No room for shallow people that don't appreciate the gift of family. Parents. Siblings. Definitely no room for people that are more in tune with reality TV, money or just themselves in general than the world and all the people in it. I know I'm viewed by some as antisocial, rude and unfriendly. Its definitely not that at all though, its that I lack patience. I don't know how to patiently listen to petty complaints and smile and tell people I'm sorry, things will get better, when their complaint is irrelevant to begin with. Who cares what drama went down at the club or what girl went down on what guy.  I understand its not other people, its me. But like I said, I'm okay with that. You have to be a friend to keep one, and I'm not trying to keep any at this time in my life. I'm very content with the way it is.

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