Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Gift

I love how the sun peeks through the trees surrounding our bedroom window. The warmth on my skin from the rays and the quiet hum of the tree gently dancing in the breeze reminds me that His mercies are new every morning.
This week has been so stressful. New changes with work, or lack of it really got to me. How can this happen all over again? Doesn't the world realized I have to bring home the bacon? geez. Its strange, with all the anxiety and pressure of everything that went on this week, I'm so relaxed and calm. I woke up Friday morning to the sun shining through the blinds and was once again so thankful. I was thankful that with as challenging as this have been I woke up to another day. Facing the sunshine I felt relief and then rolled over to see my best friend and faithful support lying peacfully next to me. I worked all day and went out to dinner with Tony that evening. One of the only people that completely understands where I'm coming from no matter what. I can explain everything that scares me, frustrates me, inspires me and enlightens me and he gets it. I always feel so understood after our long talks. It was a great start to a wonderful weekend. I worked Saturday mornings and babysit saturday afternoons now. I left work, picked up an application for another job and headed straight for the house. I found Catie sitting in her bed watching a favorite move. When I said "hi" to her she blurted out a mumbled "i love you kel" she was so excited to remind me that we are twins, in her mind at least. I touched up her streak of purple hair in her bangs and sat with her and Annie as they ate their lunch. Annie had the most fantastic day! Laughing so hard that at one point she bent over holding her tummy and giggled, "I'm gonna pee my pants!!" and ran to the bathroom. They both were amazing! Laughing and talking a mile a minute. After a few hours Annie fell asleep on the couch next to me and Mom returned home. I left and went straight to Petaluma to watch New Found Glory at the Pheonix with Kyle, Tony & Mandy. They played so hard, it was awesome. So much energy! This morning after getting to sleep in (yay!!!) Kyle and I picked Mandy up. We drove to Emeryville and dropped Kyle off at school and Mandy and I headed for Nana & Poppie's. It is always so great to see them. They are so inspirational. I love hearing about their busy life and all the little things they get a kick out of. Nana insisted on Mandy getting a tour of the house since she had never been there before and Poppie didn't think it was so important so I just showed her around a bit. All the memories that flood my mind when I walk into every room of their home just make me smile. Being chased by Uncle Pat in the back yard, Thanksgiving dinner at the kids table down in the scary basement, barfing on the blue carpet next to Nana's side of the bed and the coffee table in the front room that was always covered in photo albums and chips and dip brought to every event by Uncle Jimmy. I love their house and I love that I have happy memories from being there. I'm thankful that the walls can't speak to share the memories that they might store. I'm afraid they wouldn't be as happy as mine are. After lunch and a couple hours of visiting Mandy and I headed back to Emeryville for a little shopping before we went home. We had a really nice talk while sitting in Sunday traffic. She is a really amazing girl. Tony better not screw anything up. :) To finish off the day my LoveyDovey took me to dinner and then to PetCo to get some frog food. We ended up leaving with a gorgeous teal Betta fish. Kyle said "you gotta have a little fun every once and a while." I love that we are so simple. That because we don't have extra money for silly spending we can appreciate dinner and a seven dollar addition to our family.
I love that picture of our bedroom window. It is as calming as this weekend was. I know that this weekend and the relaxation that came with it was a gift not a coincidence, because I should have been completely miserable. :)

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