Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Peak Into the Future

 I accidently allowed myself to fall in love with a surprise that I found out earlier today doesn't exist. All though it makes me even more excited at the thought of our future, I feel extremely disappointed. Even more disappointing is the fact that my husband had fallen in love also. 
All in God's timing I guess. What a tease. 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Not So Desperate Housewife

This picture makes me laugh only because its pretty much me. Maybe change the pink dress to some jeans and tshirt and reduce the size of the fire since i haven't started one so large... yet... and yeah. this would be the last month of my life. I'm not even kidding, just ask my brother and sisters how their mac'n'cheese tasted. yikes. I'm really trying though!

... I just got back from a Batten Boutique that my Nonni's cousin held in honor of my sisters. It was fantastic. I can't believe the work they put into it!! They were so excited to see the girls, and Catie had the perfect morning for it. She was dancing and singing all the way up to sac! she hasn't had a morning like that in about a week. The fam hit up McDonalds for lunch on the way home.. I stuck with a diet soda and made some spinach when I got home. yum. Funny how since we got married people have noticed how "healthy" and "in love" Kyle and I are. I get it ok?? haha but can someone please explain to me how gaining some weight for a guy shows that he is being well taken care of and is in love, but gaining weight for a girl means you're letting yourself go. the nerve!! hahahahaha whatever. My spinach was delish... I really should have never gone this morning as much as I loved it. I had a fever when I left the house. I just might be as stubborn as Kyle says. Finally, I'm laying in bed. Gives me tons of time to think, and there is alot to think about.

It feels like everyone is watching and waiting to see what my job situation is going to turn out to be. I've been asked a million times why I'm not working and then given plenty of reasons why I should be. I haven't run into too many people that are thrilled about the choices Kyle and I have chosen for our family back when we were first dating. Stay at home mom. WHAT??!! why would you? you can't do that these days, thats stupid, be independant, why wouldn't you be making more $$ if you are able to, thats degrading... I have heard alot and I'm not even a Mom yet!! yikes. Its a bit frustrating. Thankfully I don't feel the need to explain myself or situation to anyone, so it takes some of the pressure off. But sometimes, I almost enjoy telling people my job situation just to see the puzzled looks on their faces and hear what they feel they need to tell me to do with myself. Truth is Kyle and I are getting by just fine. No matter how redic people think this sounds, God has taken care of us completely! I still have clients coming to the house for haircuts/colors and I'm taking care fo Catie and Annie still which I have grown to love even more. Annie asks regularly if I'm going to come over to play with her. Its awesome. I also have been asked about making some cakes since mom and dads anniversary. All these things keep us floatin'. I know its not anything I have done either, its just praying and having faith that we will be taken care of. A friend of mine asked me to help with a bridal party doing some updos. I drove to vallejo, made $100.00 came back to vacaville, tried to start the car and the battery was dead. That extra hundred covered the battery. Then on top of it all, the battery was taken care of for us by someone else! How does that happen??!! I'll admit. I'd love a new pair of uggs and some new sweaters for fall but hey, if things can keep going the way they are I'm fine without that stuff. Kyle and I have learned SO MUCH in the last month. This week was supposed to be my job hunting week since the anniversary party is over and i babysat for dad and mom. Kyle asked me to wait. He said we can get through til January because he'd like to have me home for the holidays, not working while he has break from school. He has been extra affectionate. I think its true!! Guys love to be taken care of! He loves to come home to a clean house, with dinner ready and see his happy relaxed wife and don't get me wrong. He does not expect it, ask for it or get mad if its not like that one day. He is constantly throwing "thank you's" and "I love you's" and stuff at me all the time. It is exciting to have talked about the lifestyle we would love to have in the future and now with God's provision be able to be living it. I know people can't understand that, thats been made very clear. We do though, and we are SO excited. ...I am praying that I get the right job at the right time. God knows where I need to be and what I need to be doing. I'm not worried about it.

I can type for days. yikes.

Now a nap. I need to sleep off this cold. Dad was right. He said, "You should never pierce your nose... what if you get a cold?!" My nose ring is infected. ugh.