Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Should I Cry Now?

..or when I find the dead mouse on the trap when my husband isn't home.

So you know how your sense of smell is like a freaking scent vaccum when you're prego? Well I swear I have been smelling the most horrible smell ever in our apartment. I have had lysol parties with myself spraying the crap out of everything in sight and litterally crying to Kyle about the awful smell of our apartment and how its making me even more sick! I mean like aligator tears crying. He just shakes his head and says "I don't know what to tell you babe, you're nose is just sensitive, I'm sorry."
until today. I got a text from him saying "crap, we have mice. I found droppings all behind the couch." THE COUCH I HAVE BEEN LIVING ON!!!!!!! :::puuuuke:::
Hate my life right now! At least I'm not crazy and I really was smelling something. Now for the challenge of killing them... ALL OF THEM!!!

Operation kill-every-mouse-in-sight-and-get-my-nose-back-starts NOW.

Mom Times

Ugh being sick is really getting old and I'm only at 8 weeks. bad news man, bad news. But I know it's gonna be worth it!! I'm over at my family's house today and I'm having a really good day! I have some food in my stomach which is an amazing thing. Its funny how I always feel better when I'm over here. You'd think it would be the opposite since the tv is always going, everyone is always talking, catie is always yelling at everyone for talking while the tv is on and there are animals everywhere. Wow, my family's house really is nuts huh? Well still, I would rather be on the couch here than in my quiet apartment. Who knows, maybe I just happen to hit it right and only come over on afternoons that are better than others. Maybe I feel better cause my mom is in love with her AC and blasts it making it nice and cool inside. I know its not the smell of dog or food that makes me feel better. I'm pretty sure its just my MOM! Its funny, it doesn't matter how old you are, you still want your mommy when you don't feel good. She makes the day better. She isn't even here this afternoon, she is running errands while I stay with the girls but its still where she lives, cooks, works, sleeps... moms kinda rub off on their home when they are in it 24/7. This is a pic of my mom and I "gettin down" or not so much, at my Uncles wedding last fall. I'm so ready to be feeling better all the time and get back to being a dork with her.. We always have a blast when we hang out and I'm ready for it again!!! So morning sickness, DIE!! Go away, I've got a best friend to get busy with...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Nerve.

Last May, one month after I had married Kyle Alan I was at work in the salon. A lady, her daughter and her daughters new baby came in to say hello. I've known them my entire life. Family friends, not as close as they used to be. They came in to introduce me to this new baby that was born just days after my wedding. After visiting for a few moments I was asked by the mother, "when do you and Kyle plan on having children?" a typical question that EVERYONE was asking. " not for a while, maybe 5 years or so, we aren't in a rush, just enjoying being married." She then obviously felt the need to give me her opinion. "well I certainly hope you will wait until Catie has passed away. You know how much she wants a baby of her own and you would be so selfish to have one while she is alive. That would be too unfair of you to do to her." 
Then her daughter, newly married and mother of a month felt the need to add to that. "You really need to wait a while anyway, its life changing and your first year of marriage can be a nightmare anyway."

I thought my tongue would bleed from biting it so hard, but they weren't worth losing my job.

Today, just short of one year later, I ran into them. They had been told by their son that I was expecting but didn't believe him. Instead of saying congratulations like most people, she asked rather rudely, "so is it true? you're really pregnant?" I excitedly answered yes knowing how angry she was inside!!! Time to rub it in kel, go for it!!!! She leaned over to her daughter and now 1 year old grandbaby and said, "it is true, you know what I told you about kelly?" they both gave a less then enthusiastic congrats and started asking questions about doctor visits due dates etc. and then it was asked with such a look of disapproval.... get ready!!! I was, I knew it was coming. 
"How is Catie handling it? does she understand whats going on?"
and I told her all about Catie and how thrilled she is and how she is so excited to be an auntie and that we talk about the baby all the time!!! I said some other wonderful happy exciting things just to rub it in her face that this is a blessing!!!! and my husband and family are thankful and thrilled at this new life!! catie included. 

Funny that I knew as soon as this lady found out I was expecting she would ask about Catie because she had told me already not to have a child cause I am selfish. I still can't believe the boldness that some people have. If she was a decent person and actually took the time to check on Catie, see how she is coming along, pay her a visit, her daughter included, then they would know that Catie is thrilled!!! Instead they live their life like catie doesn't exist and still for some reason think they have the slightest clue about her and what makes her happy. 

See, there is always a reason behind me not talking to some people, I don't have the patience for ignorance.

ok, I'm done being a b****. Just had to get that out!!!! 

Oh Thank Heaven...

...for 7eleven.

Behold, the cherry slurpee.

My life.

My love.

My everything.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Baby Dolls and Mental Illness

"Is it wrong to be scared of Annie being around our baby?" An honest question asked by my already over protective husband and new daddy. "she can be so rough with the pets, look at how she holds the cats upside down and stuff?!" I completely understand his concern. She is the baby of my family and has had little or no experience around an infant. I honestly can't remember a baby she may have ever held. She was also never one for playing with baby dolls. She hasn't had a childhood even remotely close to a normal child. When she did have "normal" moments when ocd was quiet and rages were sleeping, she would play with barbies or maybe stuffed animals but never babies. I tried my best to calm Kyles worries. I assured him she will be fine! She will realize like all children do that it isn't a kitten or a toy, its a real live human being and that will scare her into being careful. I told him that, like a toddler (since that is close to her state of mind) that you would teach about its new sibling, we will teach annie about her new niece/nephew/NIECE haha jk. We will teach her how to use a "baby voice" and how to sit down and hold the new baby when it comes.
Its funny how in a single moment you go from living your life as a single person to thinking about your child in every single thing you do. The first day I knew I was pregnant I was scared to walk or stand up after sitting or bend over to pick something up. I've calmed down since but now its a different kind of paranoia. Monday night Nonni asked if I will let her hold my baby. I told her "of course non! You're its bnonni" but inside I was thinking, "not in a million years you crazy old hag! Not unless you take all your meds that day and are sitting up straight surrounded by pillows!" ...and then there is Catie. The sister closest in age to me who I know would be sitting on the couch with me every morning eating all my saltines if she could. Helping me decide on what stroller is the safest and assuring me that its ok to "love" my husband, nothing will break. Instead she is at home wanting her own baby and talking about it every day. Yesterday mom found her "real life" baby doll that cries and laughs. She was rocking it and kissing it and then before i knew it the baby was laying sideways across her lap. looked like she was trying to feed it and I just laughed! Of all ways for Catie to hold it, she has no idea it really looks like she is nursing. About 20 minutes later I walked over to feed Catie her dinner and noticed her shirt pulled up and one boob hangin out. She knew exactly what she was doing! I realized, as long as she doesn't try and feed my baby, i'm more comfortable with her holding it than anyone else.

There is so much to think and worry about and enjoy in these next 9 mos. As far as Annie goes, Kyle came to pick me up yesterday and right as he walked into the room Annie grabbed Caties baby doll and said "hey kid! stop cryin already, ya givin me a headache!" and started pounding it on the head with her fist.
"see babe!" I said, "she will be fine with our baby..."

Thursday, April 2, 2009

No April Fools Here

So with this new excitement, only 23 hours old, Kyle and I had to laugh as we fell asleep last night.

quick back track-
We were walking up the stairs to our apartment, which I just realized will probably be my worst enemy come august, and were laughing and joking as usual. I told him to watch out cause April 1st was coming and being the Allio that I am, it was on. You just don't let days like April Fools pass you by without a good joke... We got to talking and a brilliant idea came to mind!!!! "I know babe, the perfect joke!! I'm gonna go over to my family's house and tell them I'm pregnant!! haha!!" Kyle laughed and shook his head and said "that is way outa line, you can't do that to them they'll hate you forever. Besides they wouldn't be excited because all we need is another 'you' runnin' around this world." ...yes. i slapped him for that. :)

So April 1st comes around and I woke up and looked through my missed texts and checked my calendar as usual. Then I realized what day it was, started doing the math and figured, eh i've taken a million tests, being the paranoid freak that I am, whats another. But this time it read different!!

And just like that we realized the joke was on us.

My girlfriends and family members of course wanted to know how we'd tell our family so thats the purpose of this blog...

Kyle had recently finished a VERY difficult school project. One that blows my mind and I'm so proud of him for. I told my parents about it and of course they wanted to see it so I used it to our advantage. I asked them if we could do like a presentation to the whole family since its so important to kyle... We even got Tony and Mandy to be there... I still can't believe we were able to get EVERYONE in the family room on such short notice. Kyle showed them his work and when he was finished we handed mom and dad a wrapped gift and told them that we are so thankful for the support that they have shown us bla bla bla so we got them a gift. Mom opened the card and immediately said, "you guys! this is a horrible joke!" Everyone got confused like, what are you talking about joke, and then she read it out loud. The card read, "dear poppie, nonni, uncle tony...." and a million aunties later they realized that it was the real deal!
then we went to kyles parent's house.
Kyles sisters is having a birthday on tuesday so we told her we had an early bday present for her. She unwrapped it and read a note on the front that said, "dear grandpa and grandma, aunt kayla and uncle mike..." bla bla bla. It was a pool floaty for a baby. ( they are like fish in the summer! ) Kayla just looked at us and said casually, "oh i already knew it. I seriously called it." haha so we handed the box over to a confused debbie who read the note, dropped the box and asked me if I was pregnant. When I answered 'yes', bill and debbie both dropped their forks and freaked out.

So thats how we told our families. there were also phone calls to grandparents, who were bummed to find out it was me on the line and not my cousin about to deliver her baby. I think they were pretty excited when they hung up. My nana, mother of 8 said, "don't worry kelly, I have a few surprises of my own. they're just as good as the planned ones."

We went to bed laughing at the craziness. Then kyle kissed me goodnight and said goodnight to our baby.

oh and for the record, the 4th test came out positive this morning. you never can be too sure.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Bet

2 years ago on April 9th Kyle Alan proposed to me. We were engaged and would be married on April 5th a year later. During the year of our engagement our friends would joke and eventually made bets with each other. "Hey kel, I bet you guys will get knocked up before your 1st anniversary!" Being the debater that I am I argued til I was blue in the face. I didn't even think it was all that funny because Kyle and I had a 5 year plan.
We became man and wife on April 5th of last year. Our 5 year plan quickly became a 1 1/2-2 year plan. We had 2 scares throughout our first year. Each time we realized we weren't prego we would text our friends and remind them that they were going to lose their bets! Theres no way it'll happened.

This morning, 4 days before our one year anniversary, I decided to take a test. 3 tests later I was convinced.

They won their bets and we won the gift of a baby.