Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Nerve.

Last May, one month after I had married Kyle Alan I was at work in the salon. A lady, her daughter and her daughters new baby came in to say hello. I've known them my entire life. Family friends, not as close as they used to be. They came in to introduce me to this new baby that was born just days after my wedding. After visiting for a few moments I was asked by the mother, "when do you and Kyle plan on having children?" a typical question that EVERYONE was asking. " not for a while, maybe 5 years or so, we aren't in a rush, just enjoying being married." She then obviously felt the need to give me her opinion. "well I certainly hope you will wait until Catie has passed away. You know how much she wants a baby of her own and you would be so selfish to have one while she is alive. That would be too unfair of you to do to her." 
Then her daughter, newly married and mother of a month felt the need to add to that. "You really need to wait a while anyway, its life changing and your first year of marriage can be a nightmare anyway."

I thought my tongue would bleed from biting it so hard, but they weren't worth losing my job.

Today, just short of one year later, I ran into them. They had been told by their son that I was expecting but didn't believe him. Instead of saying congratulations like most people, she asked rather rudely, "so is it true? you're really pregnant?" I excitedly answered yes knowing how angry she was inside!!! Time to rub it in kel, go for it!!!! She leaned over to her daughter and now 1 year old grandbaby and said, "it is true, you know what I told you about kelly?" they both gave a less then enthusiastic congrats and started asking questions about doctor visits due dates etc. and then it was asked with such a look of disapproval.... get ready!!! I was, I knew it was coming. 
"How is Catie handling it? does she understand whats going on?"
and I told her all about Catie and how thrilled she is and how she is so excited to be an auntie and that we talk about the baby all the time!!! I said some other wonderful happy exciting things just to rub it in her face that this is a blessing!!!! and my husband and family are thankful and thrilled at this new life!! catie included. 

Funny that I knew as soon as this lady found out I was expecting she would ask about Catie because she had told me already not to have a child cause I am selfish. I still can't believe the boldness that some people have. If she was a decent person and actually took the time to check on Catie, see how she is coming along, pay her a visit, her daughter included, then they would know that Catie is thrilled!!! Instead they live their life like catie doesn't exist and still for some reason think they have the slightest clue about her and what makes her happy. 

See, there is always a reason behind me not talking to some people, I don't have the patience for ignorance.

ok, I'm done being a b****. Just had to get that out!!!! 


What's my name again? said...

I think I know who you're talking about and if I'm right, everyone sees through her and her false sense of what it really is to have a family. The only one she is fooling is herself living in her pixie dust filled bubble. For someone to make that judgement on you for the "sake" of Catie's feelings is a cruel irony. People have the nerve all the time, but it sounds like you got the last laugh without as much as a sideways glance. You go Mama!

What's my name again? said...

And on second thought...I'm pissed that either one of them think they have clue 1 about life enough to even try and offer advice to anyone else. I might slap a h* next time I see either one of them trotting down the street with their DL matching track suits and bouffant hair. It will not be the happiest place on earth if ever either one of them so much as opens their mouth to tell me what is socially or morally correct. I got your back!!!

Yeah, the nerve. THE nerve!!!

Laura Lou said...

Love this post; cannot wait until you have this li'l one!!! That's really when people tell you how to live your life, for sure. Having your first baby is surely a sign you have no idea what you're doing, right?!

You're gonna be a writing maniac!! :D

Kelly Anne said...

haha I love you guys and Lauren, you couldn't be more right. Its a new day and I'm not as pissed but man oh man yesterday was a different story. Laura get your reading glasses on, I know you're right, I'm about to write a book!!
the hormones aren't helping my bitch sessions any hahaha

MakeupGeek said...

I'm speechless- that's all I can say! P**ed and speechless. The nerve it takes from people who can't even get a grip on their own lives, let alone reality have no place to give advice.
I'm so happy Catie is thrilled- it's the perfect thing that she and your whole family needs right now.
Go Kel!!!

Brazen Hussey's said...

Kel, I am so ashamed that I have not read your past few posts. April has been a busy month.

BUT, of course, I can not let this post go uncommented.

WTH is all I have to say! I mean, really?

I just can not believe that anyone said that to you. Lemme guess, she is a Christian, right? You should have asked her where the Biblical precednet is for refusing God's blessings? Where exactly do you find that in Scripture, again? Then you could have followed it up with a little quote from Christ, "Get behind me Satan!"

It is weird, because when I heard you were pregnant, I was rejoicing. (Of course) But, 1 of the reasons was for Catie's sake. Don't you think it will be a joy for everyone to have her know your child?

Don't worry about that lady. LL is right. She is one of many people who will have an "opinion" in your future. I can only imagine all of the lame and hurtful things people have said to your mom over the years.

Live your life in obedience to Christ, and screw the Pharisees around ya.

Love ya chick!