Thursday, April 2, 2009

No April Fools Here

So with this new excitement, only 23 hours old, Kyle and I had to laugh as we fell asleep last night.

quick back track-
We were walking up the stairs to our apartment, which I just realized will probably be my worst enemy come august, and were laughing and joking as usual. I told him to watch out cause April 1st was coming and being the Allio that I am, it was on. You just don't let days like April Fools pass you by without a good joke... We got to talking and a brilliant idea came to mind!!!! "I know babe, the perfect joke!! I'm gonna go over to my family's house and tell them I'm pregnant!! haha!!" Kyle laughed and shook his head and said "that is way outa line, you can't do that to them they'll hate you forever. Besides they wouldn't be excited because all we need is another 'you' runnin' around this world." ...yes. i slapped him for that. :)

So April 1st comes around and I woke up and looked through my missed texts and checked my calendar as usual. Then I realized what day it was, started doing the math and figured, eh i've taken a million tests, being the paranoid freak that I am, whats another. But this time it read different!!

And just like that we realized the joke was on us.

My girlfriends and family members of course wanted to know how we'd tell our family so thats the purpose of this blog...

Kyle had recently finished a VERY difficult school project. One that blows my mind and I'm so proud of him for. I told my parents about it and of course they wanted to see it so I used it to our advantage. I asked them if we could do like a presentation to the whole family since its so important to kyle... We even got Tony and Mandy to be there... I still can't believe we were able to get EVERYONE in the family room on such short notice. Kyle showed them his work and when he was finished we handed mom and dad a wrapped gift and told them that we are so thankful for the support that they have shown us bla bla bla so we got them a gift. Mom opened the card and immediately said, "you guys! this is a horrible joke!" Everyone got confused like, what are you talking about joke, and then she read it out loud. The card read, "dear poppie, nonni, uncle tony...." and a million aunties later they realized that it was the real deal!
then we went to kyles parent's house.
Kyles sisters is having a birthday on tuesday so we told her we had an early bday present for her. She unwrapped it and read a note on the front that said, "dear grandpa and grandma, aunt kayla and uncle mike..." bla bla bla. It was a pool floaty for a baby. ( they are like fish in the summer! ) Kayla just looked at us and said casually, "oh i already knew it. I seriously called it." haha so we handed the box over to a confused debbie who read the note, dropped the box and asked me if I was pregnant. When I answered 'yes', bill and debbie both dropped their forks and freaked out.

So thats how we told our families. there were also phone calls to grandparents, who were bummed to find out it was me on the line and not my cousin about to deliver her baby. I think they were pretty excited when they hung up. My nana, mother of 8 said, "don't worry kelly, I have a few surprises of my own. they're just as good as the planned ones."

We went to bed laughing at the craziness. Then kyle kissed me goodnight and said goodnight to our baby.

oh and for the record, the 4th test came out positive this morning. you never can be too sure.


Laura Lou said...

Yay!!! Yay!!! Yay!!!

You two are gonna be the BEST 'rents--ever!!!

What's my name again? said...

See what happens when you try and pull April Fool's jokes on people!? :) I love it! I can't believe it, but I love it!!! :) I'm so happy for all of your - your parents included. Your mamma looks waaay to fabulous to be a grandma, but your dad, now I'm gonna have some fun with the gramps jokes! :)

Kelly Anne said...

haha thanks!!

and about my dad,

we were just at the vacaville pd poker tournament saturday night and i looked over at him at his table and said out loud, "dang! my dad looks like an old grandpa"

Little did I know he's been rockin the grandpa look for a reason...

MakeupGeek said...

Best preggo story ever- so cute how you told your families! With the Allio mob all in one room, I can just see the total chaos breaking out ;)

You'll be an amazing mom!