Thursday, September 18, 2008

One or the Other

"May you be blessed with Health and Happiness in your life." How many times have I heard that. It has been said to me and spoken to others around me so many times. "Congratulations on your graduation, may you live a Happy and Healthy life." "May your marriage be filled with health and happiness." "May your baby be healthy and happy." Its said over and over on so many occasions. It is wonderful when your life holds health and happiness, but what if you could only be blessed with one? What if your life came to a Y in the road and you could only go down a road of Health, or a road of Happiness. Which would you choose? which would I choose? It would make sense that the two go hand in hand. But do they? Do people that live a healthy life always seem happy? Sometimes it seems that if people have one, they lack the other. Look at kids with mental handicaps. They always seem so happy, incapable of feeling any unhappiness and They are not fully healthy. Then look at healthy people. So unhappy with their bodies, always striving to become healthier. Unhappy with their lives and the way they live them. Obviously this isn't the case for everyone. There are plenty of healthy people in the world that are completely happy. I just get to thinking sometimes and wonder. If people were sick, would they appreciate life more making them happier? I don't know. Just a thought that came to mind. If you really could only have one of the two though, which would be better? Be unable to walk, talk, eat, sleep and be oblivious to the negative side of life, happily enjoying each little everything in your day? Or be able to talk to anyone anywhere, eat anything, read, walk, hear and be unhappy because you want to live longer and do more and have more. I guess we should pray more health and happiness on more people's lives so that their chances of having both greater.

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