Saturday, September 6, 2008

All Kinds of Love

The Brazilian Room, one of my favorite wedding locations after today. I had the priviledge of watching one of my girl friends from beauty school marry her love. The ceremony was short and sweet. The best kind. The bride and groom looked so happy together. It was a wonderful wedding and I was very excited to be able to be part of their day. With as nice as everything was, I could only imagine my older brothers wedding, The ENTIRE time. How the love my brother and his girlfriend have for each other will take such a gorgeous location, amazing scenery and vintage dining area and bring it to life! Of coarse they could marry at the brazilian room, a church, vegas or city hall and it won't matter. They will make any location beautiful. I guess it wasn't even the wedding or the location, it was the excitement of the thought of my brother having a wife and of all people, MANDY! They are amazing. Constantly reminding Kyle and myself to make light of every situation. After I found kyle and had the gift of becoming his wife I had an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, big shocker. Anxiety over the fact that so many people never experience a love like we have. I want all of the people in my life that I love, to have what we have.  Tony and Mandy definitely have it. It makes me so excited to know that one day even with the craziness of a nurses schedule and tonys touring, they'll be able to come home to each other every night and know that they both had long days, tomorrow will probably be just as long, but for that moment its just the two of them. Amazing, one 5 minute wedding ceremony can bring so excitement for the thought of the next wedding I would LOVE to attend. Its going to be one of the greatest days ever, i just know it.
At the moment I'm sitting in a mixing room attached to a recording studio at ex'pressions college where my husband is working on mixing a song for a class project. He is so talented. The people in the studio recording at the moment, they are a different story. Anyway, it makes me so happy to watch kyle do so well in school and absolutely LOVE what he does. He tries to tell me what he is working on but it just goes right over my head. I try to understand as best I can but usually get distracted by the adorable look on his face when he explains these things to me. He is very intelligent but can't always communicate what he's thinking so well so he has this excited little smile. I can't describe it, but I love it. That little smile is what makes me okay with working the job that I do. I'd love to do anything else, but for him to be getting the education that he is and love it so much is so awesome. He better get a good job out of school dang it! He will, he's amazing.
Time to go now, I think I'll go for a walk through the public market. All the different people, foods and cultures are a blast for a people watcher like myself. 

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