Tuesday, September 9, 2008

She Got Me Thinking

This weekend I looked up to my little sister for the first time. Kerri and I have never really gotten along super well, We have always been polar opposites. It seems like we were always fighting growing up no matter how much i loved her, it always came out in a love HATE relationship kind of way and she would completely understand what I mean. I've read her diary! haha she has felt the same way. Now that she is older we have more in common and hanging out is fun.
On Sunday kerri presented a handful of the 900+ pictures she took on her missions trip to Rwanda this summer. I thought I was so impressed then, but it wasn't until after her presentation that we all walked to the backyard to the pool. A little strange, I know. Where's the huge tub with heated water, the dude in a white robe and the wooden cross on the wall? This isn't a baptism???!! It was though, and it was the first baptism I've ever attended that actually made sence to me. It made an impact. Hearing what these young adults had to say was amazing. It really got me thinking about baptism and what it represents. Heavy stuff.
I sat on the edge of the pool and listened to Kerri explain why she wanted to be baptized, watched her come up out of the water and shoved back under by dad lol and I was so stunned! This can not be the little sister I was positive would end up with tattoos, piercings, drunk, on drugs, lots of boyfriends (if she could actually get some) and so on. Pretty sure I'm the one with the hoop in my nose and tattoos on my body that was baptized as a kid and it meant half of what i thought it did. It wasn't personal. But getting baptized now would be a big statement. In this case it is about other people and what they think, because it is a declaration to the people around you that you are a follower of Christ and you want to be obedient to Him.
Kerri got me thinking on a whole other level this Sunday. I'm so proud of her!!! She is turning into an ok kid.

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