Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the night before Christmas...

A long day is over and I'm finally at home. Tired but happy. Happier than I've been in days. Its amazing how God can put things in perspective. Since my melt down at the grocery store I have been able to calm down and deal with stuff. Finally. 
It definitely helped to have my "day off" with my husband, but I knew I wouldn't be away from the house for long. Can't help it right now. The thought of my sisters being without mom days before Christmas was too heavy on my heart. My husband, being the amazing support that he is, was right by my side while I picked up frosting and candy that would be used on our gingerbread houses. I was trying to think of "normal" things that kids do as Christmas arrives. This seemed fun? They loved it. Catie even made a trip up into the kitchen to help. Kyle, Tony and I then took kerri and Amy to their recital. They completely blew me away and calmed me down. They blew the other kids songs out of the water too. lol. I listened to their songs and was not only amazed by their talent and hard work but also reminded of why its worth it to be so tired. I love them like mad. I know that they are scared for uncle and they miss mom and all of a sudden I didn't care how tired, frustrated or worried I was. It became all about them and made today wonderful. I made it over to the house around 10ish after running to the store. I made amys Jonas Brothers bday cake and got a few things ready for lunch. Annie was getting pretty upset over waiting for gifts. You could tell she was trying to be patient. If Christmas was in june this year everything would have been ripped open by her and then broken by her. Thankfully she is doing well right now and all we saw or heard was a fuss. I brought her home with me for a few hours, we had cocoa, sang and watched a movie. I love when she is at my house, she is so relaxed. I also love knowing everyone at home is getting a few hours of quiet. We returned back to the house and welcomed some of Dad's siblings. Always nice to see them, always lame when not everyone can make it. I got alot of "thank You's" and tight hugs from my aunts and uncles for "saving christmas." haha not quite. you know that sparkling clean toilet you sat on? Kerri and Amy did that haha along with alot of other things to help. After the family left Kyle and I headed over to his family's house and just arrived home. I am so happy that my sisters enjoyed the day. I know I can't fix the pain and disappointment that they have right now, but at least they can eat xmas cookies and our traditional 3 coarse meal while they are going through this. 

When Kyle and I got home we of coarse had to dig into a bag of Dove chocolates that we were given. My absolute fave. I love the quotes on each wrapper too. Kyle smiled and handed me his foil and said, "here, this ones for you babe." The quote read, "Remind yourself that it's okay not to be perfect." Does he know me or what? I gotta stop trying to be a freaking hero.  It is pretty rewarding though when its all said and done and your sisters hug you and say they love you. 

If this year hasn't tought that Jesus is the reason for the season, I don't know what will. Thank goodness that I am forgiven for my selfish attitude over the last few days and my therapy session in Luckys. Thank goodness I don't have to worry about frankie, he is living out his life just how God planned and allowed. 

Night, & Merry Christmas. 


Brazen Hussey's said...

Sounds like Dove's writing Proverbs these days, and sounds like you're taking after your mother (not a bad thing by any stretch).

Merry Christmas, Happy NY, and because we'll forget:

Happy Anniversary
Happy Birthday

and the rest!

Sorry to hear about Frank and the trial that was/is. Wish we could've been there, but I think the hands that have been holding your family together all these years are far more capable than our measly "help." Praying for you and yours.


Joe and Brenda Luna said...

I met your mom over the phone a couple of days ago. I'm related to the Reeders. My name is Brenda. My sister called me last week with a prayer request for your Uncle. My sister heard that Frankie has a brain injury due to the accident. Since I have a daughter that had a brain injury 5 years ago from a dirt bike accident I've been though some of those ruff waters. I told your mom if there is anyway I can be of help, please give me a call. I left her my phone numbers and email address. If you want to reach me, feel free to. I'll continue to pray for you and your family.
You are a tremendous help to your mom in helping out with your sisters. I'm sure your dad is proud of you as well.
Sincerely, Brenda Luna

Kelly Anne said...

James- I'm so thankful for you and your wifey. You guys are so encouraging. Dove just needs to add some psalms and maybe ephesians in their wrappers too... you know, change it up... get your choc fix and bible fix at the same time!
Happy new year to you and the fam...

Brenda-Nice to meet you!! thank you for making yourself available for support. Thank you also for your prayers, they are greatly appreciated!

Joe and Brenda Luna said...

Hi Kelly,
If you want to know alittle more about my husband Joe and I, you can go to our blog spot, we are really easy to find.
I bet you know how to figure it out on a search. (we are with too)
Prayers and Hugs to you and yours, Sincerely, Brenda

What's my name again? said...

I hear your mom in your writing. :) It sneaks out here and there...