Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Religion breaks people apart. Faith brings them together.

Me here, just a little frustrated. okay, ALOT frustrated. How does a church get to the place that they have students patroling the sanctuary telling teenage guests attending youth group that they must stand up to worship, sitting is not allowed or they must leave. "20 minutes of time on your feet wouldn't hurt you dear, stand up and I mean now." Too bad that student had no idea who she was talking to and that she broke the last straw. This teenage girl is officially done with church and christians... add her to the list of hurt and offended. So disappointing. This is only one church, there are so many  more examples of other churches and christians with the same attitude. 
Sometimes I think that the best thing for this world of christians would  be church consisting only of a letter from an apostle in prison read allowed to a crowd of people thirsty for the Truth, all crammed in a small room. 
I made a decision long ago not to allow other people keep me from going to church. Sure some christians make the most judgmental statements but I don't go to church to look up to them or worship them, I go to "sunday school" for a reason. To learn and worship God. But not all people are the same. Someone forcing you to stand up to worship because God cares wether you are standing or sitting is the kind of thing that causes some people to think church, christians and God are a joke.  .:I feel awful for the people that live their lives in wheelchairs. I bet God doesn't even listen to them, I mean com'on, they can't stand to worship!:. for crying out loud. 
I do not blame people for not going to church because they have been hurt by the people in it. I do pray for them though, that they might find faith. Faith is so much stronger of a foundation than religion. 

uuuuuuuuuuuugh. I think I'm done letting off steam now. wait???? uuuuuuuuugh!!! ok. now I'm done. 

Its unfortunate to see religion take precedence over faith. 

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Brazen Hussey's said...


Good thoughts. I would say it is more sin then religion, though.

As we continually try to apply our standards to others as "The standard", we will turn people away. I have experienced the same thing in different churches, but on the opposite end. I have had people "make me" take my children out of worship. Because, even though they have been trained to sit still and quiet, they could be a "distraction" to others. As if they are burdens or somehow unworthy to be in worship.

If you stay in the church long enough, you are bound to be hurt, offended, judged, gossiped about etc. We are sinful. That doesn't change. I don't know why anyone is surprised by this though. I have felt all of these things in the church at different times in my life. I have also felt all of these things from the world as well.

People are sinful period. We will hurt each other. To let that be the excuse for not worshipping the Only One who will not hurt us, is well, an excuse.

This is not to say that we, as the church, shouldn't stop being so ugly. But, rather just to examine things clearly from both sides.

It is sad that sometimes the church can be the place that we are hurt most. But, it is Christ that we need to look too, not others, for perfection.