Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sweet Dreams AnnieFanny

This afternoon in an attempt to trick Annie into a much needed nap I found myself singing the same song to her that I sang when she was 6 months old. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes by the one and only, Cinderella. Then it was just one of many disney songs she would recognize and grow up on and soon it became one of her very favorites.. when she was two she would say, "the dweem won kowly" (translated, the dream one kelly) and she began to request that specific song with a few others. As I sang it I got a little teary looking at her fall asleep.. She looks the same as when she was two and we'd sit in the rocking chair every afternoon... Same blankie, same passifier, same big soft forehead and the same sleeping seizures... the only difference now is she is 11, her legs are longer than mine will ever be, she barely fits on my lap and her seizures are stronger. That song still puts her out... the funny thing is I never thought about the song. it was just another princess song we have heard a million times, until today. I thought about it and I think it is completely fitting for Anne Marie of all little girls.

A dream is a wish your hear makes
when you're fast asleep
in dreams you will lose your heartache
whatever you wish for you'll keep
have faith in your dreams and someday
your rainbow will come smiling thru
no matter how your heart is greiving
if you keep on believing
a dream that you wish will come true

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