Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Love that splotchy skin..

From Frump to Fab in 3.2 seconds.. want it?? so did I and I got it.

You'd think the hundreds of compliments I get every day from my best friend, my husband, would be enough to keep me feeling the way he sees me, but thats not always the case.. A slight combination of pregnancy and long time insecurities can sure lead me straight to a frumpy feeling kinda groove. I'm not so into it.. We all go through it at times but usually find ways to get out of it.. but lately I've felt stuck. I know what kyle thinks of me but what matters most is what I think of me.. being happy in your own skin.. unfortunately I can't diet.. I'm pregnant for goodness sake! and why would I feel the need to diet? I've only gained 6lbs total.. all baby weight for the first 22 weeks. That alone should make me feel fab! buuuut it doesn't quite get me there.. ok so maybe the hair.. I used to wear a trendy little cut that I loved but with baby on the way i'm thinking something that can't be thrown in a pony tail isn't a smart choice so attempt # 2 is a fail. Tan skin.. one of my faves.. I love to soak up the sun and always feel fab when I do but as much as I try this whole pregnancy thing is giving me more of a splotch look then a golden girl feel.. no big deal, that leads to skin cancer anyway. what about my clothes and accessories?? well clothes, i'm doing the best I can but I think i finally need maternity.. no big deal. Accessories?? unfortunately I can't do the toe ring thing cuz i keep swelling and can't do my trademark gi-ganto ring for the same reason.. MAN! its hard to be so fab lookin these days!!
Then I noticed something. Two holes in my ears.. 4 total. and they were empty. So I went to the store, got myself some bling and BAM!! Just like that, in the 3.2 seconds it took to put my new earrings in and a tiny bit of makeup on, I'm feeling that fab groove again. I'm not thinking about the fact that my ears are the only thing that aren't growing and my ears and eyes are the only thing I have to work with right now, I'm just enjoying it.

Oh and I'm also not going to think about how completely conceded I am and how self focused this blog entry is. I'm pretending I'm helping the world by saying "hey, ya may not be able to look fab from the neck down but girl, if your feeling the frump comin' on then work those ears!! put some bling in them and love the skin you're in!"


What's my name again? said...

Well let me comiserate with you as a non-pregnant lady. I went thru my closet the other day pulling out all the thigns I buy with "oh, if I only loose 5 lbs that will look great on me!" and found this one shirt with ruffles all down the front and tried it on. BAM! Instant 15 lbs heavier looking! Oh no, oh no! what the helz was I thinking? Clearly, I wasn't. So...what did I do. :) I put it back in the closet 'cause when I'm pregnant, that's gonna be a cute damned shirt on me!

As for you, rock the belly! Put a temporarty tattoo on it and have fun! :) I actually can't wait to see you and the belly soon...:)

Kelly Anne said...

haha oooh ruffles, the things they can do to us.
I actually attempted to buy a bathingsuit today and since maternity suits are as cute as grandma suits i bought a bikini and rocked it all day... :)

What's my name again? said...

Yes, rock the bump!!! :) I think trendy pregnant girls are cute as all get out! :)