Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just for Kicks

Kyle took me to his school today to record a couple of songs I've written. I didn't have any fun at all. Psh. Look at the picture!! Haha... Talented or not, I'm determined to go back! It was such a blast to watch Kyle set everything up and do his thing. This is what he lives for. He was in his element and I got to be a part of it.
I made Kyle block off a window so no one could see in while I was playing and got nervous to really sing out loud even if it was only in front of my husband. The whole time I couldn't stop thinking of my brother. In a real studio in Baltimore recording with an extremely talented engineer. (not to say my engineer isn't talented haha) And not just recording some songs he came up with, but is recording a full length with the rest of his friends and band members. I can't imagine the pressure and the excitement. Made me miss him thats for sure. As silly as it sounds, and anyone with an older sibling would know, you always try to impress your older siblings. After all, what they do is cool, where they go is cool, what they think is cool, you get the idea. I haven't grown out of that mindset yet so I'll be honest, being in a studio recording my own songs made me feel pretty cool too.
I'm excited to hear my songs after they are mixed. especially the 30 second jingle I wrote this morning about meeting the love of my life at baskin robbins. Watch out world, "the scoop" will be hitting the shelves soon. haha. oh my.


What's my name again? said...

Yeeaaahh!!! Love the picture! And I want to hear the scoop jingle...did I tell you I've been in 2 karaoke contests? I have and we should go sing some time. Maybe when Marlena is here in will be fun.

Hey I work with Kristin Royal. She said she was there when you met...:)

Anyways, lovely blog, Lovey. ;)

Kelly Anne said...

OMG kristin works there now?? That girl was one of my absolute FAVORITES. Before kyle, i was in love with her friend that worked at raleys. still am maybe? haha give that girl a hug for me..

I'm so down for karaoke!!