Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

Annie came home from school on Monday the 26th with a paper dragon that she had colored at school. She informed me that that day was the Chinese New year. We talked about our cousins that live in China and she told me all about the things they must be doing to celebrate. Then she asked me when our new years is.
quick back track: Uncle Frankie was in the hospital on new years eve this year. Anxious to catch a break from the stress of everything, Tony, Kerri and Amy all went to friends houses. Dad worked that night so an exhausted mom decided to go to bed at a normal time. Anyone in their right mind would put Catie and Annie to sleep rather than stay up all night waiting to watch the ball drop for so many reasons.
Back to the story. When Annie asked when our new years was I just told her its not for a while. She is way too smart for that. She was also VERY upset because the kids at school told her that we had already celebrated new years. The nerve. She could not believe they would say such a thing! She argued with them telling them it had not come yet and in her little world, it hadn't. Friday nights are sleep over nights. Annie either stays at our "hotel" aka apartment or I stay the night at the house. Trying to think fast I told her that New Years Eve was friday night! She was immediately excited and ready to plan. "We have to have shrimp with the red stuff, vegetables and ranch and toasting juice." She also made sure I had hats and poppers on the list. Pretty soon Catie was planning too. All throughout the week they would ask how many more days until the countdown and then finally it came. Mom continued to remind me that it isn't new years until the ball drops. How would we pull that off?? YOUTUBE.COM haha We watched a movie and ate all of the necessary new years eve junk food and then we watched the ball drop on the computer since the tv wasn't working all of a sudden. :) They were both in their beds and asleep by 8:00. Operation New Years Eve was a success!
It was a blast and I don't plan on ever forgetting it. I was reminded again of the beauty in their simple life. Its heart breaking to think of all they have to struggle with but nights like Jan 30th remind you that its not all bad. That sometimes they are better off not realizing they slept through new years cause their uncle was in the hospital but being happy to listen to someone countdown from 10 to 1 and blow some horns. Its simple happiness. I love it!


What's my name again? said...

I love this story! Well written...you're the best big sister ever! :)

ajallio said...

these pics are awesome! thanks for posting them