Thursday, February 19, 2009

Family Night

I was driving with Kyle today while we ran errands. We were turning right onto Orange Dr. and across the intersection growing along the side of the road and up the over pass were the brightest orange poppies. I immediately got a warm fuzzy and said, "mmm poppies!" Kyle just laughed at me but not to hard because he is getting used to the random thoughts and outbursts that I have daily. I tried not to take it personal when he laughed because I knew he had no idea why I loved our state flower, but really... it hurt a little. psh haha. :)

My family moved to Rockhurst Court in Fairfield when I was really young. I don't think Catie was even born yet. I remember the day we moved in, laying on the floor next to Tony in our empty but soon to be filled family room eating a McDonalds happy meal. One thing I clearly remember even that young was how much I disliked the rod iron railing dividing the kitchen and family room. It was the kind of railing you have next to stairs on your front porch, not in your kitchen. I did however LOVE the green carpet in my bedroom because it was like having grass under your bed. 
As I grew older I also began to fall in love with another part of our home. The Poppy field in our front yard. To be honest, I can't remember how large it actually was but as a kid it was HUGE! and gorgeous. Funny that our wedding colors were bright pink green and ORANGE. I guess I have always been attracted to bright colors. This field or patch for all I knew was almost magical to me. It was like something from a movie and I wast the main character. Catie and I used to lay down in them pretending to be Anne of Green Gables. I think it used to upset mom just a little that we were smashing her flowers, especially me. I've always been a chunky one. We used to take family pictures standing in the middle of them also. I can't remember one single worry or fear in those days. Not one. I always truly felt like the princess my dad always said I was. (still do unfortunately for kyle haha) but in a different way considering I don't stand in a patch of poppies with white gloves and a big easter bonnet on any longer.
We also had "family night" on the front lawn regularly. My absolute favorite memory as a child. It was always in spring/summer, my favorite seasons of the year. Mom and dad would put two lawn chairs on the grass and watch Tony Catie Kerrie and I play together. They never stayed sitting for long. Dad usually was up in no time playing football karate and wrestling with us. Never could take him down. Mom was back and forth between the front yard and kitchen because whats family night without ice cream sundaes or smoothies? She always has taken simple things like playing on grass and made them taste amazing. The ice cream, not the grass. Funny how seeing a group of flowers can bring to mind some of my favorite memories in a matter of seconds. 
I also love poppies because of my nana and poppies house. Every time we stayed at their house we would sleep in the guest bedroom. There was and still is an old oil painting of some bright orange poppies and the california brown hills in the background.  I can remember standing on the bed just staring at it as a little girl. So drawn to it, Maybe it made me think of home since I never could manage to go away over night without feeling homesick. When I go to their house to visit or whatever I always make a point to peek around the bedroom doorway and make sure its still hanging there.

I was so happy to see those flowers today! Especially after having some not so great memories flood my mind yesterday. There always has been more good than bad my whole life. After all, I'm a princess. haha psh!


ajallio said...

those were literally the good old days!

What's my name again? said...

You paint in color in your stories! Love it! :)