Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Written By Kelly Wieder

Oh my little blog. Funny little thing it is. And so very neglected these days! I started it long ago as a means of stress relieving. I have always had so much stress and anxiety built up over all kinds of things my whole life. My mom said when I was a little girl I would cry because my barbies high heels wouldn't stay on.. Control freak. Yes, thats me. When things are out of my control I don't know what to do but hit my head against a wall and pretend like it won't bruise. ha silly me! Anyway, my blog was helpful. I could log in and type away.. 9o% of my blogs have been drenched in tears, 5% written with the fire of hell seeping through my angry finger tips and another 5% out of pure happiness. So in a way it was good that I had this blog or "therapy session" but when I consider the fact that only 5% is pure happiness I realized that my blog was letting me spill my guts but had no feed back for me. Since realizing this, I stuck my blog in the closet and started looking for real help. The kind that listens and talks back.. so now there isn't any reason to keep blogging. It wasn't until recently that I had a long talk on the way home from Tahoe with my mom (Now that is a whole entry in itself so stay tuned) and realized I needed to dust off the keyboard and get back to blogging.

I always knew I would be printing out every blog entry I've typed and place it in a folder. Never did I think I could possibly turn these entries into a book. I still don't think I could but my Mom says otherwise. She said.. "You need to Kel, like a, 'the life of a sibling' kind of thing." I'm flattered really.. but come on. She also thinks I sing nice, am the most talented hairstylist in the world and she hung my 4 year old art work on her fridge. She's my mother for crying out loud! I started thinking about it though. I thought about the book "special siblings." A book written by the sister of a sibling with special needs. I've read this book 3 times now and I cried every time. Why would I put myself through that? Back in February I blogged about the movie "my sisters keeper" and how it brought so many thoughts to mind and ZING!! thats just it! Thats the whole point. My situation is completely different than those two stories yet the same in so many ways. Its like someone smacked me in the head and said, "woman, you make yourself miserable watching and reading these stories because you like to know someone else is dealing with it too." ya know, misery likes company? Its like someone is jumping of the pages of that book and telling me that its normal to feel like you're the only one and that its nice to be reminded that you're not. That someone else has, is or will be going through the same things I have been, am or will be going through.

Then I started thinking about all the comments I got from people about my blog. Their favorite entries. The entries that made them feel like they were this small (I'm pinching my fingers together lol) because they realized maybe how they lived their life or maybe how their life affects other people and how they are making changes because of it. I've gotten comments from people that I didn't even know knew how to use a computer let alone cared at all to read about my life.

Then I REALLY started thinking. If all of these people are reading my blog and enjoying it or hating it, whichever. What if it could have the same effect on someone that those books and movies had on me? What if someone came across it and saw how annoying I can be and then feels better about themself.. like, "dang this chick is nuts.. I'm not that bad." well, AWESOME!! I'm glad I can make someone feel better. If someone reads a story about me and Catie and starts crying cause they have their own sad story that they are hiding or trying to forget about, then COOL!!! You gotta get it off your chest, I'm glad I could help!

This is the point. I'm gonna get back at this blogging stuff because its not all about me. Its not JUST about the fact that I like to take the time to remember what Catie was like or remember some of my favorite times in life. Its also about the people that I may impact by making them feel like they aren't the only ones. Maybe it can be an escape for people that like to be nosey, like myself, and snoop on other peoples lives to get a break from their own. Maybe I'm just doing this cause my mom said I should. Thats more likely.. either way, here we go..

I have no idea what my book will be called, but I do know you will see 'written by kelly wieder' at the bottom of the cover :)


ashley said...

I have to admit. I went through and read all of your posts. (totally not being a creeper here lol)

Some even made me cry. You have a way with words, keep blogging. =]

Oh and if you ever write a book, the title should be "Written by Kelly Wieder". Just my opinion. lol.

Kelly Anne said...

thank you Ashley! xoxo