Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Angle of the Dangle

K so, I'm trying to be patient but 20weeks seems SOOO far away still. 20 weeks aka BOY or GIRL ultrasound.
I understand to some people, this isn't too big of a deal, matter of fact, alot of people don't find out what they are having until the day that little kid is popped out. Personally, I have to know. waiting til half way through the pregnancy is hard enough let alone trying to wait the whole time?! I'm over calling it "it" like its going to come out a big fuzzy monster. It's sex needs to be determined so that it can be called by its name when I sing to it.
In my obsessive compulsive attempt to find out what the baby is before I can really find out what it is, I have done some research and i am disregarding the fact that all of my answers have come from myths. after all, they have a 50/50 chance of being right.
these are the gender prediction myths that I tested on myself honestly just like the directions say.

ring on a string: girl
needle on a string: girl
Chinese gender calendar: girl
American gender calendar: girl
How sick are you?: girl
BPM test: girl
Daddys weight gain test: girl
what are you craving test: girl

Honest to god I did not hack the tests, thats how they came out. So its understandable that since everything came out to be a girl I would just imagine it being one which is great, but if its a boy? I'm gonna be stoked just because the tests were wrong and it'll really surprise me.

Boy or girl, I don't care... I just need to know already so I can either shop like a mad woman for hello kitty EVERYTHING or rock and roll EVERYTHING.

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Brazen Hussey's said...

It's a BOYEEEEEE!!!!

Pretty funny stuff, Kelly.