Saturday, March 14, 2009

Love Thy Neighbour??

Interesting week. People made accusations about/against me. Rediculous ones and being the debater and outspoken person that I am, I want nothing more than to call them up and tell them how it is. I've been so angry since I found out that I not only complained to my husband and big brother, but of coarse, to my mom. Who showed me this:

A reading by C. Spurgeon, inspired by the scripture, Matthew 5:43 "Thou shalt love thy neighbour"

"But, perhaps, you say, 'I cannot love my neightbours, because for all I do they return ingratitude and contempt.' So much the more room for the heroism of bearing the rough fight of love? He who dares the most, shall win the most; and if rough be thy path of love, tread it boldly, still loving thy neighbours through thick and thin. Heap coals of fire on their heads and if they be hard to please, seek not to please them, but to please thy Master; and remember if they spurn thy love, thy Master hath not spurned it, and thy deed is as acceptable to Him as if it had been acceptable to them. Love thy neighbour, for in so doing thou art following the footsteps of Christ."

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Brazen Hussey's said...

A hearty "AMEN" to Spurgie. The part where the rubber meets the narrow road is that whole faith thing: pedal to the floor and let the tires smoke.

In other words: keep running the good race. Just keep those eyes on the Audience, for His sake, as He, for your sake, poured out His all.