Saturday, October 18, 2008


I love this picture. It was taken at my uncles wedding in a photobooth. Even though its just a joke picture and we were messin' around, theres alot of truth to it. I mean com'on, look at sweet little Amy, she looks like she really is about to punch someone! Maybe we do all have a tough side? Actually I know we do. We made this our personal "SIBS" picture. The nickname SIBS stands for "simply incredible batten specialist" just a cute little something someone came up with as a refrence to us kids that aren't the ones with Batten Disease. I guess its so much better than being called "the normal one" since we are very far from that. I love that when one of us is down, including Catie & Annie, these are the funny version of the faces you get from each of us SIBS. A couple people joked saying we look like a real mafia family, but if we had the organization and motivation of the mafia we probably would do some damage. Instead we are a struggling family that does its best to hold on to each other for dear life because other than God Himself, we can't find this type of security anywhere else in the world. Not even from other SIBS accross the nation. This picture contains 4 of my 9 best friends. I don't want any others. Friends are good, but Best friends, and there is a difference, aren't needed. I love my sibs. I love that they know me better than anyone else I've ever met and if I ever needed, Amys fist would be raised and ready to go in a second. :)
The wedding was beautiful, but the 30 seconds in the photobooth and the pictures that came with it were so much more amazing!!!

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