Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Day to Remember

We celebrated Uncle Frankie's life today at his memorial service. It was beautiful. The slideshow was my favorite part. pictures of Uncle doing things he loved the most with people he loved unconditionally. I think the only thing he would have done different was maybe have his best buddies do a jam session in his honor and cut the baptist preaching time in half. haha He never could sit still for very long... 
As I was sitting waiting for the service to start I saw so many family members there to show support. Still, I continued wondering where Uncle was? Silly me. Like a little kid, I was looking forward to seeing my goofy uncle that would make me laugh on a day as sad as today. Unfortunately it was his death that made the day so sad. I still can't believe its all real. 
I have to say I am a little jealous. He is in a place that I can't even wrap my mind around with My uncle, my Nonni Eleanor and many more of our loved family members. I still can't understand why it was him that had to go other than the fact that I definitely needed a wake up call. A confirmation of my faith in God. A greater appreciation for my family members. A larger sense of safety and smart choices. Seems like when he was here I took him for granted. Now I'm' learning so many lessons from him that I never thought would be the kind he would teach.
He is already missed so greatly. I know it will definitely hit me hard on my moms birthday or any of our birthdays. A guaranteed hang out time he would rarely miss. Or this summer when we are in his backyard swimming and he's not there spraying us with the freezing cold hose. 
I can't wait to hang out with him again someday. 

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